Water is one of the nine regulators of the state of the Earth system and a key factor in determining the potential habitability of a planet for life forms. Water is thus a crucial component for the earth system but also for the human health and life : water must be available for all and has to be of good quality for health purpose.

Water is under extreme threat of climate change : severe droughts and flooding threaten people’s access to clean water. More than 40 percent of the global population will live in water scarce areas by 2050. It is up to us to protect and maintain our precious water resources for today and tomorrow!

Water is the bloodstream of the biosphere. But we are profoundly changing the water cycle. This is now affecting the health of the entire planet, making it significantly less resilient to shocks,” says lead author Lan Wang-Erlandsson from the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) at Stockholm University.

Public health and prosperity, food and energy systems, economic productivity and environmental integrity all rely on a well-functioning and equitably managed water cycle.

A specific factsheet including Belgian situation will be available for download June 24.

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