CERAC Launch event

April 22

Thanks for having joined the CERAC launch event!

You can read the brief summary report of this event and review program. A full report will follow.

CERAC aims at creating a future where Belgian citizens, territory and society are safer and more resilient to climate and environment risks, as well as the impacts of the transition.
We will keep you updated on our publications and emphasize the need for cooperation.

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This section is dedicated to enlighten you with further information, good practices, and applicable tools related to climate- and environment risk.

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At CERAC, we're dedicated to understanding the risk impacts of climate change and environmental challenges and measures to adapt to them. But we can't do it alone. We believe in the power of community insights and innovative ideas to drive our mission forward.

Whether you're a scientist, a concerned citizen, an industry expert, or someone with a passion for preserving our planet, we want to hear from you.
Share your ideas, research findings, or suggestions on how we can better assess, adapt to, and mitigate climate and environmental risks.

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