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A list of institutions consulted by, in cooperation with, or recommended by CERAC. Note that while a lot of large scale data are public available, all microdata can only be obtained by specific request and approval from the specific databroker. A fact as an example is that one can drown in a river with an average depth of 20 cm. These specific data, the creation of dual-twins, the connection with geo-data are essential for example for the detection, estimation and calculation of cascading reducing or increasing effects within a region our country.

  • NGI: the Belgian National Geographical Institute is the institute that manages topographical databases and offers digital geographical information and services to governments, professionals and private institutions. It is under supervision of the Minister of Defense.
  • STATBEL: this Belgian statistical office, collects, produces and disseminates reliable and relevant figures on the Belgian economy, society and territory.
  • Belgian National Bank: online statistics portal
  • EUROSTAT: the home of high-quality statistics and data on Europe