This page gives an overview of some pertinent climate change and environment related plans, programs & policies on Belgian regional and federal scale as well on international scale. The content of this page will be elaborated further and become available fall 2024.

Where possible a chronogram will be included.


Lots of initiatives and legislations exist at different levels in Belgium :



  • A regional study on vulnerabilities and adaptation options in Wallonia is currently underway. It is part of the Walloon Recovery Plan (PRW-317): Diagnosis of vulnerabilities to increase Walloon resilience through adaptation to climate change: scenarios, impacts, measures. The study is being piloted by the Agence wallonne de l'Air et du Climat (AwAC)
  • The Flemish region created a regional IMPACTtool. It offers citizens and municipalities a comprehensive view of various climate hazards within their territories across different scenarios.
  • The Vlaamse Milieu Maatschappij (VMM) offers two supplementary tools tailored specifically for municipalities.
    • the PLAN-tool assists municipalities in formulating their adaptation plans by exploring a range of possible adaptation measures. This enables local authorities to proactively address climate-related challenges and enhance resilience within their communities.
    • The PROJECT-tool, facilitates the transition from planning to implementation by calculating the adaptation score during the project's design phase. By leveraging these integrated tools, municipalities can effectively translate their adaptation strategies into concrete projects, ensuring practical and impactful responses to climate change.


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